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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Throwback Tuesday

Throwback Tuesday, one year ago today our Mr Wayan doing some try scuba diving training down in Mucky Pirates Bay. Which is also our swimming pool.
The bay is nearly always sheltered, so makes an ideal training ground for new divers. We find getting people straight into the sea and used to sand, water movement, salt and fish swimming past, is the best way to start. It makes for better divers.
Don't get me wrong, I learned in a pool, but in the NE of England, safe confined water type environments in the North Sea are not readily available. :) So why not come to Pemuteran and experience it for yourself. It's also one of the best muck dives around.
Wayan conduction try scuba in Pemuteran bay 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

SSI Open Water Diver? Mais oui!

Romain & Rachael with The imfamous Captain Paul
Read more here but what we have is to very happy new divers from France and America. Having completed their theory and skills training in Paris. Now proudly displaying their spanky new SSI Open Water Diver certificates completed here with the Pirates who Dive.

Well done guys.