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Friday, May 29, 2009

Underwater Temples makes it difficult to light incense

Om Swasti Astu, as we say here in Bali.

Back when the world was younger, the ancient Sea Gods of Bali decreed that a temple should be erected in their honour at 30mtr depth (yes, even the Gods went metric). An thus it was Temple Garden was made for them all to play in.

Lighting incense is a bit of a bugger though so bring a torch instead.

Lost city of Pemuteran?

Ancient pose for happy divers....

Diver checks watch to see what century she's in.

ZOMBIE BUDDA!... Swim away, swim away.....

Deeply Deco Spirits.

Petrified sweetlipped turtle.

And finally a communion of spirits.

The facts:

Sank in 2005 as part of the still ongoing Reef Gardeners project. This little dive has become an interesting change from the reefs of Pemuteran. The often hazy vis creates a wonderfully spooky atmosphere.

Home to nudis and Electric clams, Temple Wall (or Pura Tembok) above also offers a lot of , well stuff to look at.

Personally I prefer the ancient gods story ;-)

Om Santi Santi Om.
The Captain

Close Encounters of the Wide Angle Kind

Always one of my favourite dives is Close Encounters, 12yrs on and I still enjoy diving here. Lots of coral lots of life and a good place to find leafscorpions. But not when your playing with the new wide angle.

Here are a couple of my poor attempts, please be gentle it was my first time ;-)

The Captain

Into the Blue with Sea Rovers BaliNorthern end of Close Encounters, Pemuteran, BaliOnce spartan now densely covered reef top at Close Encounters, Pemuteran, BaliSea Rovers guests enjoying the best in diving. (as usual :-)

New Toy for the Captain

Watch out for some cracking new photo's on this (and I'm not sponsored by Sony, wish I was :-) the Captain's new toy. Sony DSC-W300 with an Ikelite Compact housing and W20 Wide Angle lens.

With the underwater white balance setting its producing great results at depths of 30mtrs as can be seen from the soon to be posted Temple Garden and Canyon Wreck photos.

Anyone looking for something compact and full of features, manual plus auto, without breaking the bank or the baggage allowance. Then this is the toy to get. Highly recommended by the Captain.

The Captain

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sshh! Its a Secret Bay photos

Ssshh... don't tell anyone but here are some Secret Bay photos.

The Captain

Sea Moth, Secret Bay, NW Bali
Folded Nudi, Secret Bay, NW Bali
Mantis Shrimp, Secret Bay, NW Bali
Brown Frogfish, Secret Bay, NW Bali
Orange Frogfish, Secret Bay, NW Bali
Rather Colourful Shrimp, Secret Bay, NW Bali
The Dynamic Duo, mock stonefish and the caped gobby, Secret Bay, NW Bali

New Boat Hits the Water

Yes its official. After months of work and waiting the 'Cynical Seahorse' hits the high seas.

Like her sister ship the 'Vicious Guppy' she's small and neat. Fitting in with our Sea Rovers philosophy of small groups, personal service plus fun. More open plan than her sister and sporting twin Evinrude etec 40hp she'll run 30knots with a light load. Not bad for getting you back to that afternoon massage after a lazy days diving.

The before picture; a decommissioned parasailing boat from the South of Bali in need of some TLC and remodeling

Below heading out with fellow pirate brethren Gwen & John for yet another Pemuteran dive.

And yet another days diving.... etc etc

And that be Divemaster Wayan in the foreground. Garr!

The Captain