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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Me Etec be a might finicky

Engine problems with the Vicious Guppy brought a full contingent of professionals to Sea Rovers. First we complain to the dealer, then the dealer to the distributor, then the distributor to the regional offices. Then with enough complaints everybody comes to visit and help sort out the problem.

The Evinrude Etec inspection team
Left to right, Pak Henry (Daya Pioneer, Jakarta), Pak Tony (Bali Mercury, Bali), Yours Truly Captain Paul M Turley and me Partner Commodore Kerry Keene visiting from Oz, Pak John Koh (Evinrude, Regional Office, Singapore)

Commodore Kerry aboard the good ship Vicious Guppy
The Commodore looking slightly contemplative as the engines are put through their paces with the diagnostic software.

She may be a might poorly but she'll survive to run many more dive trips to come. And though she be fibreglass, she has the mighty oaken heart of pirate ships of yore. Garr! Shiver me fibre!

The Captain

Friday, September 11, 2009

Pic of the Morning

Woke up and started the day with a dive and a photo.

A couple of very accommodating Ornate Ghost Pipefish under the jetty in "Mucky Pirates Bay"

Ornate ghost pipefish, Mucky Pirates Bay, Pemuteran
Not a bad way to start your day.

The Captain

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What can we do with snow and Photoshop

Couple of new pics of yours truly and German lake diving in the snow. Sent by another of our Piratical Brethren, Peter Bronold.

Captain Paul in a snow storm
Before Photoshop

Captain Paul, post Photoshop CS, weathers cleared a bit
After Photoshop

Christmas lake diving in Germany
German style, Brrr.... looks cold to me, think I'll stick to Bali Diving

Thanks for the photo's Peter. Looking forward to seeing the rest, but remember 800x600 72px is the best for emailing to me.

Captain Paul