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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Brethren Harrie Wassen Photos

More photo's from the brethren. This time from Harrie & Reit Wassen who were here over November.

Ornate Ghost Pipefish, Pemuteran, Bali
This nicely illuminated Ornate Ghost Pipefish enjoying the night dive.

Deeper into the blue on Anchor Wreck, Menjangan Island, Bali
Whats left at Anchor wreck, Menjangan Island.

Octopus hidden amongst the coral, Pemuteran Bali
A very colourful scene of coral and somewhere in there is an octopus.

Cleaner shrimp, Pemuteran, Bali
Transparent Cleanie shrimp on an anemone.

Octopus resting in Mucky Pirates Bay, Pemuteran, Bali
Really nice picture of an Octopus taking a respite next to a plastic bag in Mucky Pirates Bay.

Thanks for the photo's Harrie

The Captain

Friday, November 20, 2009

Lee, phyllis & Gary's, Secret Bay Memories

The Sea Rovers Brethren's ranks continue to swell with the addition of Lee, Phyllis and Gary our American affiliates.

Below are just a small taste of some of the many, many underwater photograph that Lee took during their time here.

This time I chose some of his Secret Bay photo's as I liked them the best.

Lee The - a self portrait
First a Self Portrait of the Photographer himself Mr Lee resplendent with his HydroOptics mask. Very dashing Mr Lee.

Gobby on a starfish, secret bay, Bali
Nice little Gobby takes a ride on a passing starfish. Probably be faster to swim, but hey, who's in a hurry. This is Bali after all.

Yellow Frogfish, secret bay, Bali
Yellow frogfish striking a dramatic pose.

Folded NudiBranch, secret bay, Bali
Often seen at Secret Bay and nicely photoed by Mr Lee. A folded nudibranch.
Amazing what you can accomplish with origami and some sea lettuce.

Rough landing, Cuttlefish, secret bay, Bali
This Cuttlefish seems to have crash-landed in the sand, must have mucked up his landing.

Eye eye Mr Cuttlefish, secret bay, Bali
Aye Eye Mr Lee!

Cool Catfish, secret bay, Bali
Cool Catfish finish off this collection of interesting images from Lee. We look forward to seeing many more on your next trip out.

By the way Phyllis, the Saga of the Skolian Empire books that you left here are brilliant, hence its taken me so long to get round to going through the hundreds of photos you left to narrow down to these.

The Captain

Dan The Photoman

Yet another photographically inclined member of our ever expanding Sea Rovers Brethren has left us some memories to post.

decorator crab with an upsidedown jellyfish hat, mucky Pirates Bay, Pemuteran
Decorator crabs are always weird things, but here in Sea Rovers own 'Mucky Pirates Bay' we do extra wierd. This, one of many, uses one of our resident upside down jellyfish as a cunning disguise.

A Puffer fish, Mucky Pirates Bay, Pemuteran
Puffer Fish and friend

Coiled Octupus posing, Mucky Pirates Bay, Pemuteran
A friendly little Octopus on one of Dan's night dives provided a nice pose.

Stretchy Octupus posing, Mucky Pirates Bay, Pemuteran
This Octopus decided to stretch out and go for a wonder.

Lionfish, Mucky Pirates Bay, Pemuteran
Lionfish gliding in amongst the corals, nice warm colours on this one.

Hermit crab, Mucky Pirates Bay, Pemuteran
Hermit crab with accompanying anenomes.

Coral Canyon Wreck with divers, Pemuteran
And finally looking from stern to bows, 'Canyon Wreck' shows us her Booty :-)

Nice Photo's Dan, look forward to seeing more on your next trip out.

The Captain

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Freeflow divers return.

Fellow Sea Rovers brethren Gwen & John from the Freeflow divers in Singapore return with new recruits and new friends, Terry & Helen.

Helen Just completed her confined training and open water dives for her SDI, Open Water Scuba Diver certification having done her theory online prior to coming out.

John & Gwen Gillies, Terry & Helen Benton with Storm Beer
Left to right, John & Gwen Gillies, Terry & Helen Benton enjoying some well earned apre dive 'Storm Beer'. Also a celebration for Terry's Birthday.

Adi Assri Sunset taken from Sea Rovers Pavilion, Pemuteran, nw bali
Sunset set the scene for the whole affair, all in all a fun time was had.

Captain Paul, Family and Friends at Warung Susu, Pemuteran, NW Bali
And then Captain, family and friends enjoying a pleasant evening at Warung Susu, just down the road.

Well its not all fish and critters you know, we do have a life between dives ;-)

The Captain

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hella & Wayan's New Scorpionfish?

Have we discovered a new species? Who knows and who cares? All we know is that our Wayan who has been diving here like myself for the last 13 years has never seen one like this.

Old friend Hella Binder was visiting and fortunately had her camera with her so we got a couple of very cool shots to post on the blog. Picture was taken out at the Coral Bommie, here in Pemuteran.

Nicely spotted guys. See what you get when you dive with the Sea Rovers brethren :-)

Hella & Wayan's, Flamboyant dreadlocks scorpionfish, coral Bommie, Pemuteran, NW Bali
more Hella & Wayan's, Flamboyant dreadlocks scorpionfish, coral Bommie, Pemuteran, NW Bali

How about calling it "Hella & Wayan's Flamboyant Dreadlocks Scorpionfish"

The Captain