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Saturday, March 20, 2010

NEW! Help us to Clean Up Pemuteran & Menjangan

After the rains the plastic has come. Trying to find away to get people involve instead of just complaining about a country wide problem that will take generations to solve. Me and the Commodore came up with this package.

Enviromental Clean Up Package, 11 Dives

2 Days Menjangan Island (Includes Lunch, Soft drinks, entry fees to TNBB and a Bin liner)
1 Day Pemuteran Reefs (including dive the Coral Bommie, Bio-wreck & Bio-boomer)
5 days Equipment Rental
1 Day Cleaning the Biorock Project
1 Day Cleaning the trash from Mucky Pirates Bay
1 x Night or Shore extra
Price €300

It won't solve the problems of a nation, but at least we can try and keep our little corner of Indonesia that bit cleaner.

The Captain

Save our Reefs! Hug a fish today!