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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Alex & Rizki's Pics

Alex & Rizki enjoyed a few days diving and took some memories with our little rental Sony W300, with Ikelite housing (Hey! who rented out my baby? The Captain)

A bloated starfish
Fat star fish at Close Encounters, Pemuteran.

A Clownfish

A Pipefish 'Sorry guys too knackered to come up with anything more original today'
Cunningly disguised pipefish

A Lizardfish 'Seriously its hard work writing witty comments in these alt things'
Lizard Fish

The Crew plus Two 'Ok I took my meds and am feeling better now'
The Brethren with new additions Alex & Rizki.
Left to Right, Gede (trainee), Wayan (DM), Captain Abdul (also Trainee Guide),
Alex & Rizki (new Sea Rovers Brethren), Captain Budi and Captain Sahari

Mr Rizki 'Peace Dude'
Mr Rizki

Mr Alex 'Look Ma, I'm Flying!'

And last but not least Mr Alex.

Nice meeting you guys hope to see you again soon.

The Captain

1 comment:

Technology lover... said...

Thanks Mr. Paul for posting the great pics ;). Your baby was wonderful. The pictures looks like taken by a Pro! :D

Thanks to all the Brethren for a great time in Pemuteran. It was awesome :).


Ps. Gruess von Mr. Alex :)