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Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Underwater Temple Garden, Bali

The Photo that started it all

The original Underwater Temple Garden of Bali

And here is the original story.

Indonesian Archeologists to investigate potentially phenomenal discovery

Apparently someone took my photo, posted it on twitter and claimed an archeological discovery off the coast of Bali. This went global, thanks to the internet and thus a urban legend was born. :-)

the follow up story helped to clear up the matter but some journalists still got it wrong.

Mystery of underwater hindu temple in bali solved

Its funny, so far I have been interviewed by the BBC, Daily Telegraph, Metro TV, amongst others. Oh and a couple of hundred strangers now want to be my friend on facebook. Cancel funny lets say crazy.

But still I find it amazing that one photo can bring so much attention to our little corner of the world.

However I feel that I have to set some facts straight.

I didn't build this for Sea Rovers guests!

Though I have been in Pemuteran for 14 years now and was involved in the creation of the Reef Gardeners, I can't lay claim to being the person with the dream. I was part of the team who made the dream a reality.

At the time I was working with Chris Brown along the beach from us. The original concept was his. Over the years, every now and again, we'd talked about the idea of an Underwater Temple Garden, but never had the funds to put it together. And what with the revolution, crisis, birth of true democracy in Indonesia, Bali Bombs and the ensuing loss of tourism we had other things matters to take care of. Then a friend of Chris's suggested approaching the Bali Rehabilitation Fund (Aus Aid) with the idea of a social and enviromental project that would become the 'Reef Gardeners'.

For more information on the Reef Gardeners project and the creation of the Temple Garden and also the Biowreck, kuberan Kapal (Ships Graveyard), plus Coral Canyon wreck. You can download the brochure on this page Save our Reefs (Hug a Fish) of our website.

divers descending to the underwater temple gardens of Bali

The truth is out there, if only people would take the time to read it and listen to what is actually being said. Or learn how to Google properly ;-)

The now famous Captain Paul M Turley, at your service. Ha Harrr!

P.S. Underwater Temple Garden tours and wedding services now available :-)

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