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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gods Bless the Fleet

Another six months have pasted and its that time again to bless all things mechanical.

Brooding skys over the Sea Rovers fleet
Heavens brood as the fleet is prepared for a jolly good blessing.

Captain Sahari (right) and Misnawi left
Our Captain Sahari and trainee Misnawi also get involved, assisting with the blessings. Though Muslim they respect the Balinese traditions as we do theirs. Shame the rest of the world isn't always so enlightened.

All pray!
Gods bless the Sea Rovers Fleet and all who sail in her.

Om Shanti Shanti Santi Om.

Grubs up lads! Tuck in.
Alright Lets eat.

So once again you can feel safe knowing that you're sailing aboard the totally blessed Sea Rovers Brethren Fleet.


The Captain

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