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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dear Gods bless this vessel

A bigger boat requires a load of offerings to bless her. So before we can take guests out we have to make sure she isn't cursed. So a jolly good blessing is in order.

Calm seas and the Nasty Nemo waiting to be blessed
Tranquil seas and calm blessings

Ok where do I tie this thing?
As the Captain, crew and priestess start the ceremony

Captain Paul M Turley, eyeing the fruit and remembering I haven't had breakfast
MMMmmmm.... When can we eat the offerings?

Oops! is that supposed to come off?
Tie that to the machine dear theres a good Captain.

And thus our ceremony ends
Om Shanti Shanti Om.

And there you have it, all blessed for now till the next good day for blessing boats comes round.

The Captain


Nasty Nemo hits the water and shows us what's she can do.

Pelan Pelan, satu, dua, tiga and PUSH!

My grud. She floats. Now thats what I call an auspicious start to this endeavour :-)

The Captain and Mister Tony, (Bali Mercury, supplier of fine engines and chandeler to Pirates :-) slowly taking her out of the bay

Lets open her up and race the wind.

A bunch of happy boys with their new toy. Left to Right, Captain Sahari (now captain of the Nasty Nemo), Captain Abdul (in training for Divemaster), Captain Tony (owner of Bali Mercury, long time friend and our engine supplier), First Mechanic Ratmon (Bali Mercury) and Myself, Captain Paul M Turley, at your service.

She still needs a canopy and some lifevests but other than than she's ready to cruise at a very comfortable rate of knots, the waters of Pemuteran, North West Bali and perhaps beyond.

The Captain

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nasty Nemo Powers Up

Happy Captain examines his baby's new engines. Twin Evinrude 115hp Etec all white and shiny. "Lets hope they run as good as they look." says I.

Garr! They be mighty fine machines for a chasing down enemy vessels.

"Bloody hell! That things got more power than my *Chicken Killer."
(*translation: Indonesian Scooter or Speda motor)

Almost ready to launch.

Bugger! But this things heavy.

I'll just stand here, scratch my head and supervise. Left a bit. Right abit. Now lift..... There she goes. Boy watching you guys is making me tired.

A few more tweaks and a slight delay for a miss sent but vital part.... And she'll be in the water and doing sea trials.

The Captain

Friday, April 16, 2010

Nasty Nemo, Almost ready....

Nasty Nemo almost ready, Engines just arrived today and she'll be in the water within a week.


The Captain

The Nasty nemo, the new piratical dive boat
The Nasty nemo, the new piratical dive boat
The Nasty nemo, the new piratical dive boat