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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Erin & Chris Advanced Divers (now)

Erin & Chris were just here doing a little PADI Advanced diving. Deep dive, Navigation dive, Night dive and these photo's show their Photography and Fish ID skills

Erin, slate in hand, pencil at the ready.

Oooo. Look greeny fish

Biowreck looking like a thriving little eco system.

This is your Captain speaking. I'm hovering at the moment, so please leave a message after the bubble. Bloop.

Guys you could have chosen a better back drop.

Thats better. Peace wench!

Erin heading out on the Cynical Seahorse on a quest for fishy adventure with Sea Rovers Brethren

Chris, the same with the Vicous Guppy and Nasty Nemo at anchor in front of Sea Rovers office behind him.

Whoohoo! I'm an Advanced diver!

Congratulations guys, you did well.

The Captain

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Alex & Rizki's Pics

Alex & Rizki enjoyed a few days diving and took some memories with our little rental Sony W300, with Ikelite housing (Hey! who rented out my baby? The Captain)

A bloated starfish
Fat star fish at Close Encounters, Pemuteran.

A Clownfish

A Pipefish 'Sorry guys too knackered to come up with anything more original today'
Cunningly disguised pipefish

A Lizardfish 'Seriously its hard work writing witty comments in these alt things'
Lizard Fish

The Crew plus Two 'Ok I took my meds and am feeling better now'
The Brethren with new additions Alex & Rizki.
Left to Right, Gede (trainee), Wayan (DM), Captain Abdul (also Trainee Guide),
Alex & Rizki (new Sea Rovers Brethren), Captain Budi and Captain Sahari

Mr Rizki 'Peace Dude'
Mr Rizki

Mr Alex 'Look Ma, I'm Flying!'

And last but not least Mr Alex.

Nice meeting you guys hope to see you again soon.

The Captain

Friday, July 16, 2010

Shiver me timbers! Capt Botac dun got Married

Shiver me timbers! Captain Botac dun gone and got spliced to a nice Bali Wench. Good on Yah Matey.

This is what happens when yah be givin the crew too much shore leave.

The Captain

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sunset over Pemuteran

Just a little sunset to set the mood

Nasty Nemo and Vicious Guppy at anchor
Sea Rovers Pirate fleet at rest

Pulling back to take in the view

Looking across Pemuteran Bay

Baggar, a traditional local fishing boat
Traditional sailing boat

The Captain

Hedi's review

This nice review was sent to us by the daughter of Hedi. Time to test the google translate button.

Fuer uns “Weltenmeertaucher” war es der erste Besuch in Bali. Wir waehlten die Tauchbasis Seerovers auf Empfehlung von Freunden . Wir haben den Besuch dort nicht bereut und sind fuer die Empfehlung wirklich dankbar.

Was uns natuerlich gut gefiel war die an der Tauchbasis und am Strand direkt angrenzende neue Hotelanlage mit 2 Pools. Keine langen Wege, keine Hotelburg, sondern kleine Gebaeude mit schmuckem Zimmer , Freiluftdusche und Toilette, eingefuegt in einen zauberhaft angelegten Garten. Es gibt dort eine wirklich gute Kueche und der Preis absolut fair . Tip: Lasst Euch taeglich mit Saeften verwoehnen, die werden naemlich alle direkt aus frischem Obst zubereitet, sind koestlich und kosten wenig.

Die direkt am Strand liegende Tauchbasis ist klein aber sehr fein. Die Tauchlehrer und das gesamte Personal sind voller Freude bei der Arbeit. Alle sind locker drauf , und stecken Dich mit ihrer Froehlichkeit an.

Wir kamen an der Tauchbasis an nur mit Badehose und unserem Tauchausweis. Paul, Hauptmann der Seeraeuber, managede alles zu unserer vollsten Zufriedenheit und wir waren in kuerzester Zeit mit allem was wir brauchten und was wichtig war, ausgestattet.

Du musstest nur einige Meter ueber den Strand zum Boot laufen, Dein ganzes Equipment ist schon an Bord. Ich habe noch nie solch einen spitzen Service erlebt. Wir hatten das Vergnuegen mit Made Parma als Tauchbegleiter tauchen zu koennen. Die Tauchgebiete – teilweise direkt vor der “Haustuere” – absolut sehenswert . Lange und weite Bootsfahrten sind also nicht notwendig. Aber Ihr koennt ja die einzelnen Tauchgebiete bei Searovers nachlesen.

Nach dem Tauchgang und noch im Wasser und am Boot, werden Dir Dein Bleiguertel, dann die Weste und die Flossen abgenommen und verstaut. Du brauchst nichts zu machen. Also KEIN muehsames mit etwas Hilfe ins Boot klettern, sondern ein lockers Treppauf ins Boot. Toll

Nach Rueckkehr zur Tauchbasis wirst Du mit Kaffee oder Tee in lustiger Runde verwoehnt. Dein Tauchanzug, Dein Equipment werden gereinigt und verstaut. Auch da brauchst Du Dich um nichts zu kuemmern.

Also, alles zusammen sehr empfehlenswert. Ein Tauchurlaub dort lohnt sich sehr.

My documents: Hedi Tauchbasis.doc

Friday, July 2, 2010

Monika & Bernhard's Piccies

Once again the dread Captain Slackbeard strikes as I catch up with the Brethrens photo's.

Night diving 'Mucky Pirates Bay' this time.

Carefully does it lads thats a hoard of razorfish. One false move and there'll have ya all mincemeat like in a flash.

Oh No, they spotted us! Swim away, swim away...AAAAAaaaaaggh!

Have they gone?
And here is another frogfish. A face only a mother could love.

A full winged lionfish giving us the classic fish tail shot. Pretty wings though.

And finally a really nice Nudibranch.

And thus endeth another nice lot of images from the brethren.

The Captain

Richard Rigby's Really Good, mainly Menjangan Island,Photos

Captain Slackbeard strikes again.

Another group of photo's that have been here a little while (though not as long as Nicola's. Cough!). Are those of Mr. Richard Rigby of the British International School in Jakarta.

I do have an excuse though. I run a dive centre and have to work (occasionally). Which tends to strain me brain and make me forgetful of things like sorting out and Photoshopping the hundreds of photos the Brethren leave with me.

I digress.

Anemone with crab and tiny fishy
Nice one this of a porcelain crab and a tiny, tiny anemone fish. If you know how big porcelain crabs are you'll have an idea of the size of the fish.

This time a normal Nemo as opposed to Nasty Nemo
NEMO! on the wall at Menjangan Island by the look of it.

Catfish, catfish and more catfish
Secret Bay catfish all in a row.

Feathered crab on the menu tonight
Crab in a feather star, no idea what its doing.

A HUGE pink frogfish
Ex-resident giant frogfish.
He spent a good few weeks on the stern mooring block for the Vicious Guppy before moving on.

Just hanging out
The Caves at Menjangan Islands South side.

Spot the anchor
Anchor Wreck at Menjangan Island.
Can you spot the Anchor yet?
Well can you?
Oh, for crying out loud, get your eyes checked. Its that big thing in the middle of the picture.

Never trust the smile of a crocodile(fish)
Eye eye Captain.

Nicola Symberlist, Fish-eyed wonders

Been a while since Nicola and her family were here and I have to say that I have been a bad, bad Pirate. I completely forgot to post these fish-eyed wonders.

Can you ever forgive me Nicola? I shall go fall off a boat right now as punishment for my crimes :-)

Majestic he glides along unflustered by everyday woes :-)
Captain Me drifting along the wall at Menjangan Island

Ok, one of these buttons must do what I want....
Captain Paul again obviously trying to figure out the settings on me camera

Aha! Got it!
Ok figured it out. Lets get a nice wide angle of the wall.

Look a Coral Bommie!
One of our Favourite sites these days, The Coral Bommie, with the Biowreck and Bioboomer structures next to it. Diving here helps to support the Reef Gardeners.

Heads down, fins up lets not damage the coral.
Top of the Coral Bommie, tons of colour, teaming with life. What more do you want from a dive?

Thanks Nicola for all the pretty pictures.

The Captain