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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Photo's from Giovanna

Some new Mucky Pirates Bay pics from the lovely Miss Giovanna Fasanelli. Thanks for them and for showing me stuff I haven't seen before such as Acoel flatworms, which I didn't even realise were worms till you made them move.

I really need to read more :-)

Squirty squirt squirt
Sea Squirt on the Jetty

I like Candy!
Red Stripe Shrimp

I'm cunningly disguised as a piece of fluff.
Spot the Tiny Seahorse

Like a fellow in Black & Yellow

You what?
Common pipefish

But can you play the mandolin Mr Mandarin?
Mandarin fish

Yes I can
Another Mandarin fish ;-)

No Flash Plea...ouch! my eyes,I gone blind.
White eyed Moray

No dragon or net in this pic?

Damn this things heavy!
& Finally the legendary upsidedown jellyfish crab

Again thanks for sharing a look forward to critter hunting with you again sometime soon.

The Captain

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