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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Low Low Season Specials

Attention Sea Rovers Brethren
----- Low Low Season Specials -----
For the period 1st February 2012 til 31st March 2012

2 pax sharing, 6+1 Dive pack + 4 n Deluxe Garden View
1 Day Pemuteran Reefs
2 Days Menjangan Island (Includes Lunch, Soft drinks and entry fees to TNBB)*
1 x Night or Shore extra
3 days Equipment Rental
Price €635 (published €838)

2 pax sharing, 10+1 Dive pack + 6 n Deluxe Garden View
2 Days Pemuteran Reefs
2 Days Menjangan Island (Includes Lunch, Soft drinks and entry fees to TNBB)*
1 Day Secret Bay (Includes Lunch, Soft drinks and entry fees to TNBB)
1 x Night or Shore extra
5 days Equipment Rental
Price €1020 (published €1306)

*As of 1st February 2012 due to changes at the National Park (Menjangan Island), additional activity fees will be required. These additional fees will be payable on-site these fees are as follows. Divers 75,000Rps, Snorkellers 60,000Rps, Plus entry fees 20,000Rps per Person

includes Tax, Service & Breakfast (halfboard available on request)

email: should you be interested

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rough Seas in Pemuteran

Day 2 of Sea Rovers boats bobbing at anchor.

Rough seas and overcast skies. Reminds me of England :-)

And there was a fishing boat

Update for Menjangan Island fans

Taman National Bali Barat or TNBB will finally be implementing new "Activity fees" as of the 1st of February 2012. These fees represent a 350% increase on the original entry fee. (which stays in place).

Original Entry Fee: Tourist Price - 20,000Rps, Local Price - 2,500Rps (unchanged)

New additional costs (previously no charge)
Divers: Tourist Price - 75,000Rps, Local Price - 50,000Rps
Snorkelers: Tourist Price - 60,000Rps, Local Price - 40,000Rps

Other amusing additions
Using a Video Camera: Tourist Price - 150,000Rps, Local Price - 15,000Rps
Taking Photo's: Tourist Price - 50,000Rps, Local Price - 5,000Rps

These are amongst the 36 new tickets for various activities professional and tourist, introduced to TNBB. (36 new ticket books printed on paper, just an environmental observation
As a business its going to be interesting, where before we had 2 ticket books, we now have to carry 10. We also now have new and additional  boat entrance/parking fees on top of our original costs.

Sea Rovers has always supported the TNBB and will continue to run trips into the national park, plus support those in the park who care about it. Having worked with the guys at the TNBB for many years I know that some feel the system was already flawed. According to the wardens, of the substantial revenue already generated by TNBB only a small amount (30%) returns to TNBB to cover operational costs the rest goes to Jakarta.

From our point of view we of course understand concepts like increased running costs, maintenance, inflation etc, and at the same time feel that a 350% increase in price is substantial and would like to think that it will lead to an improvement in facilities or conditions in the park such as removal of rubbish from the beaches around the park (there is no indication this will be the case). Many of the wardens in the national park feel that the new system is wrong and will have a detrimental effect for TNBB. Such a substantial increase will actually discourage people from going to the Park, especially tour operators.
And we will wait and see, it may lead to a better diving experience for those that choose to go, not that the Island is crowded by any means. 

BTW Our suggestion  in consultation meetings was to increase the basic entry fee say to:- Tourist Price - 50,000Rps, Local Price - 25,000Rps, and not charge people for taking photo's on holiday.

If you feel you would like to comment then please feel free to write to the National Park at

As for Sea Rovers guests, well most of you already knew that this was coming, if you followed the blog & facebook that is :-). Its been on the cards for a year now (though the figures were not known) and every email that went out with packages or info had this in it all last year

"*as of 1st January 2011 due to changes at the National Park (Menjangan Island), additional activity fees maybe required. These additional fees will be payable on-site and have yet to be finalized by TNBB."

Well its finally happened, so if you wish to go to Menjangan Island after the 1st of February 2012 expect to pay an additional 95,000rps per diver and 80,000Rps per snorkeler.

Hoist the Colours

OK Garrr!
Jos Vreugde getting into the Sea Rovers spirit

Jos sporting his Pirate patch dive accessory.

And an e-courier arrived bring news from Sipidan:

Gaaaar cap'n

Fine pickings down 'ere in Sipidan, there be....gar..

We's a taken a might fancy oil-riggy thingy fer yous fleet of free rovers....the flag be hoisted and the rebellious curs now with Davy Jones...hur-hur-hur...

We's a thinking about naming her 'The Oily Octopus'....gaar....what sez ye, cap'n ?

First mate Leigh
Bos'n mate Louise
& Midship'n Nick

Nicely done Lads and Lass, give em bubbles and consequences be damned! HaHarrr!

The Oily Octopus
Captured Rig off Sipidan shows its new colours

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Monday, January 2, 2012

Post Hangover Day Greetings to all

Happy post 'Hangover Day' Me Hearties! Unfortunately we had power outage yesterday and no internet, guess they were celebrating 'Hangover Day' too :-)

For the rest well here is something a friend sent which I think works for me.

Where did the year go? Suddenly it is December ....again - and we realize that with giant strides we started in January and within a blink of an eye, 2011 is on its back!

A big "Thank You" to each and everyone of you, for the impact you had on my life this year. Especially for all the e-mails I received.......without you, I'm sure that 2011 would have been extremely boring.

May 2012 mark the beginning of a Tidal Wave of Love, Happiness and Bright Futures.

And to those who need someone special, may you find that true love.

To those who need money, may your finances overflow.

To those who need caring, may you find a good heart.

To those who need friends, I am still here for you.

Thanks for being my friend!

Best wishes in 2012

The Captain