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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hoist the Colours

OK Garrr!
Jos Vreugde getting into the Sea Rovers spirit

Jos sporting his Pirate patch dive accessory.

And an e-courier arrived bring news from Sipidan:

Gaaaar cap'n

Fine pickings down 'ere in Sipidan, there be....gar..

We's a taken a might fancy oil-riggy thingy fer yous fleet of free rovers....the flag be hoisted and the rebellious curs now with Davy Jones...hur-hur-hur...

We's a thinking about naming her 'The Oily Octopus'....gaar....what sez ye, cap'n ?

First mate Leigh
Bos'n mate Louise
& Midship'n Nick

Nicely done Lads and Lass, give em bubbles and consequences be damned! HaHarrr!

The Oily Octopus
Captured Rig off Sipidan shows its new colours

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